If you choose to invest money on PR or marketing in any way.
We know the local media and which media and magazines work best.

We know which magazines are best for your products and businesses. Do you think about advertising in newspapers? Do you speak with the publishers own sellers are probably all their newspapers the best, and that should be an advertisement in each. Put the money on recurring advertising in the newspapers that really target the right audience. Emiden has been in charge of various companies ’advertising in various publishers’ newspapers for several years, and has great experience in this regard.

Radio / TV
We know which radio and TV channels are worth investing in and which ones can be ignored. In recent years, radio media has become very popular in Sweden and deserves a thought. TV is very expensive but in the right channels and contexts it can be a very good result.

Emiden can help with everything from production and selection of printing to distribution and supplier selection. Direct mail is a poorly used medium in the IT industry and we think it might be very successful to try this relatively cheap medium for a launch.

We help you with local contact sites, websites, national and local forums. Nothing is too small to be evaluated.


Develop your Nordic market


The Nordics and the Baltic's is seen as "the little area up north" in Europe. But we have a great potential and a great buying power across the region. More than 33 millions people with an early adopter mindset. The 8 different languages makes the area complex to develop - but we can help you build and maintain a good presence in the market

Mikael Johansson - Business Developer