We have a good knowledge in the Swedish, Nordic and Baltic markets, and in order to capture the customer, local presence is needed.

We can offer longterm or short term staff such as business developers , representing you at trade fairs and answering customer questions.
In addition, we will keep track of current rules and laws to make the most of your operations in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

We have great experience in education, something we know is highly appreciated by both sellers and partners. You provide us with materials that we adapt to the market.
The training can be done at the customer or in a shared course.

Fair participation is an effective way to meet new customers and partners. We can do everything from representing you personally and developing material to project your entire participation. We constantly monitor the market and keep track of major trade fairs as well as distributor and reseller fairs or regional fairs.

Customer support
Let’s take care of your partner’s questions and concerns. We enter our company and your products. If we can not answer the question, we will contact you. Although English is very widespread, it is always best that the customer answers his local language. There are many who expect English answers, so why not be sure to surpass your partner’s expectations by having a Swedish contact?

Laws and regulations
We know what’s up and lets you know this.
Even though we are now in the EU, there are some local laws and regulations to take into account. Eliminate the risks of wrong business and decisions by keeping track of Swedish regulations and laws.

Develop your Nordic market


The Nordics and the Baltic's is seen as "the little area up north" in Europe. But we have a great potential and a great buying power across the region. More than 33 millions people with an early adopter mindset. The 8 different languages makes the area complex to develop - but we can help you build and maintain a good presence in the market

Mikael Johansson - Business Developer