Are  you planning to sign a partnership agreement, distribution agreement or other unique agreement?

It is good, often crucial, with local knowledge about how to deal with all the different parameters and business practices.
For those who are new to the Nordic or Baltic market, there are many traps and we can help you to avoid many of them.

We have many years of experience with both dealers, suppliers and distributors and know which agreements attract a signature.

We have years of experience in logistics from the Swedish mail order market and have a very good understanding of the various operators. Which works best with the distributors, which one should use for the end customer, which logistics partner works best in certain areas etc. etc.

We help you to get a ”local” support number. How should a support number look in Sweden? Today, there are very good opportunities to believe that the customer is calling locally

Develop your Nordic market


The Nordics and the Baltic's is seen as "the little area up north" in Europe. But we have a great potential and a great buying power across the region. More than 33 millions people with an early adopter mindset. The 8 different languages makes the area complex to develop - but we can help you build and maintain a good presence in the market

Mikael Johansson - Business Developer